Gabriel UniLias Adjei-Gyamfi (born March 24, 1989), better known by his stage name Uni-G, (The Unidentifed God) is an American hip hop recording artist, videographer, and record producer from the Bronx New York most known for his single “Go Get It” ,“Do The Cocoa Butter” and Swerve.

Musical career:

            Uni-G began rapping at the age of 10 and earned his name Uni from a teacher who described him as being one of a kind like a Unicellular organism. His first leap into the rap game was in 2006 when he and his group (ShowTyme) was picked up by Hip-Hop legend Mr. Biggs & Jazzy Jay of Afrika Bambatta and the Soulsonic Force. Uni became well recognized for his hit single “Do the Cocoa Butter” which made media takeout and several other blog sites the first week it released and was filmed by Worldstar's own Jordan Towers Films and M2thak of SODMG.

            His long-awaited album The Commercial was released on July 2012. The album which consisted of 13 tracks featured hit singles such as Do the Cocoa Butter, Straight to The Head, Go Get It which he teamed up with Quincy Jones III to produce and Gonna Get Us which featured Joe Budden. The album release party was juxtaposed to his 2nd single “Straight to the Head” which starred Joe Budden.

Uni recently completed his sophomore project "Welcome To My Universe" which released on January 13th, 2018. The project features Sammie, Rina Glover, Lea Anderson and so many more. It features the hit single Swerve which topped the Hip-Hop Charts and the National Music Charts and averaged at 900+ plays a week, Pablo, Right Now and many other hit singles are featured on the project.


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